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Covering the carpet to keep it clean

Protecting Your Property

Taking Care of Your Property

Our team at SERVPRO of Taylor, Elgin takes care of your entire property after water damage, not only the affected areas. We make sure to cover any areas we may walk through with plastic wrap. We do this to ensure no particles are transferred around your home during the restoration process. 

basement after water damage restoration services

After Restoration Services


Our emergency restoration team completed this basement restoration after thorough and safe water removal services. 

We removed all the standing water, dried the affected area and sanitized the area. Because the damages were Category 2, our team was extra careful and wore personal protective gear during the cleaning process. 

SERVPRO team standing together with school supplies

Donating School Supplies

Helping our Community

Our entire team at SERVPRO of Taylor, Elgin came together to donate a handful of school supplies to local schools! We love seeing our team help the community. SERVPRO of Taylor, Elgin strives to help our community in more ways than one! The communities or Taylor and Elgin are important to our team. 

SERVPRO employee removing standing water

Removing the Water

Water Damage Restoration

Our team at SERVPRO of Taylor, Elgin is trained in water damage restoration and can help you after any type of water damage. This home in Taylor experience category 2 water damage. That is why you see our water damage technicians wearing a mask. PPE (personal protective equipment) is highly recommended on our crew!